Infrastructure contracts trust and institutional updating

Posted by / 19-Jul-2020 01:19

Despite the daunting challenge of reforming America’s infrastructure procurement systems, there is a growing body of best practices emerging from leaders in local, state, and even the federal government.While many of these initiatives remain isolated in their own silos or regions, the interest among policymakers and private sector leaders in finding replicable models and new practices is incredibly high.While establishing and maintaining vision from top-level leadership is critical, building the expertise and capacity of public sector employees working on the more technical or day-to-day issues is also essential.These engineering, budgeting, and procurement professionals face enormous pressures to deliver increasingly complicated infrastructure projects faster and cheaper under unprecedented levels of media and public scrutiny.However, today’s increasingly complex and complicated projects rarely progress in a linear fashion.Unexpected factors, ranging from a lawsuit challenging a toll for the Elizabeth River tunnel in Virginia to the immense technical challenges of extricating a broken boring machine stuck under Seattle, demonstrate how quickly the assumptions underlying a project can be altered.These consensus-driven planning processes give leaders a framework and process to achieve the economic, environmental, and equity needs that infrastructure actually delivers by soliciting public input along with robust economic analysis.

These teams can live inside a department, such as a transportation office, or may be generalists under a mayor or governor’s office.Participants identified dozens of small technical fixes that can help address America’s infrastructure challenges.However, the group agreed that America’s failure to establish a strategic vision for infrastructure development was the most pressing challenge in the space.Shepherding a vision into reality is always challenging, particularly in a constantly evolving political, technical, and financial environment.Policymakers and the public are used to thinking of a project moving from planning, to design, to finance, to construction, and finally delivery.

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Much of this can be attributed to the continuing desire of politicians to pick projects easily touted in the next election.