Importance of updating and writing new job descriptions eyetv program guide not updating

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4: Let people choose tasks Let people choose the tasks they would most like to work on.Let each employee go to the whiteboard in turn and pick out tasks they like to work on. If it’s absolutely necessary people can take turns doing it or work on it together (shared misery is lessened misery).In many cases the job description only says what the job a long time ago – you know, way back in the last quarter. Is there a reason why job descriptions are crucial (or merely useful) where you work?5: They don’t help people do their jobs – I don’t think a single person has ever told me “today I accomplished something at work that I couldn’t possibly have done without my job description”. But without job descriptions, how will people know what to do?Job descriptions are core to accomplishing this goal. When someone isn’t performing well, it’s often because they’re in the wrong job—and a well-written job description can be the first step in preventing this from happening in the first place.

MAKHR Consulting provides the full spectrum of HR services and programs, including all aspects of talent acquisition – from the full cycle recruitment process to succession planning and performance management.If your answers are 1) When I interviewed for the job, 2) Ehmmmm… Some companies don’t even have them, and they seem to manage just fine.not really and 3) I don’t think that has ever happened – then maybe it’s time to rethink the value of job descriptions. 2: They’re always incomplete – Nobody’s job description contains all the crucial things they do or all their important resonsibilities.Ask yourself: What behaviors are critical to your organization? The job descriptions should be continually updated as the duties change over time.This might include: By the inclusion of behaviors like these, you’re not only getting the right type of people into your organization, you’re helping candidates to understand the culture. The job description needs to evolve and continue to be correctly classified.

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a department or a project team, can do something much more useful: 1: List the department’s tasks Get the whole group together in front of a whiteboard. 2: Ask why 3 times For each task your department lists ask “Why do we do this? It might go something like this: “Why are we making this report every week?

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