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He was the firft who in- a6th juoe troduced the praftice of the prefident putting on his »79o- bat in cafes of tumult which his authority was in- fiifficient to reftrain **. He (hewed his attachment to the Mountain, and more particularly to Orleans, by voting againft the Brif* fotine motion for a law againft the mftigators of mur- joth Oc- der, alleging as a reafon, that it would be a reftraint toberi79^. It is faid, on one hand, that he had made the king, j^ Qj^j^ never to vote for the death of any perfon, but that Orleans, fearing the queftion of the king's condemnation would be loft, partly by terror, and partly by promifes, influenced him to change his de- termination, and to bring over twenty-five members who had refolved to vote as he did ''. The Briflbtihes^vain in the ftores of book-learning, confident in their eloquence, and wrapt up in their metaphyfical fpeculations, thought they might fuc- ceed by eftabliming theories in favour of a republic, in inducing the people to confent to the elevation of their inftigator Orleans, or to their own aflumption of all the power of the ftate. He was the parent of two monfters in the jurifprudential fyftem, which fruftrated all the humanity of his intentions ; namely, that juries fhould decide on the law, the fa£t, and the intention of the pardes, and ihould apply the punifli- ment; and that the crown ihould be deprived of the power of pardoning. pjuiflie J, as in the preceding part of his career. ia7e" ^^^ king's trial is involved in much doubt and un- ^ fyaa'mg certainty. Both aimed at the fame objeft, the degradation of the conftituted authori- ties, the plunder of the wealthy, and the deftruc- tion of the loyal, but they purfued it differently. He was undoubtedly inft^ated to t Loavet*ft Narrsitivey p. He was the avowed contemner and fcourge of the Briffotines, the unceafing opponent of Roland, whom he ftig- madzed in his journals, placards, and fpeedies in the convention, as well as at the Jacobin club, as the enemy of the republic,^ as a tyrant, who iffued arbi- trary kttres de cachet^ and as a public peculator ai^L defaulter'. ventiool not for an obfcure department, where his name was little known, and his vices only appeared in general details, but for Paris, the capital of the ftate, the centre of his crimes, t Jie fcene of all his atrocities; Paris, where it is hardly a figure to fay that the very walls cried out againft him, as a murderer, an incen- diary, and a ruffian more fit for the gibbet than the fenate. Meanwhile, the eledion for the national conven- Bleaed tion were proceeding, the friends of Marat were de- "J^^^^^^^ of tennined to obtain him a feat ; and for what place ! Maintain attribution The Google "watermark" you see on each file is essential for informing people about this project and helping them find additional materials through Google Book Search. Keep it legal Whatever your use, remember that you are responsible for ensuring that what you are doing is legal. No one was my accom- " plice in the fortunate execution of the villain St. He was appointed liflied libels againft his wife% This was the begin- ning of a conteft which in about nine months over* threw the fadion of Briifotines.

It muft W o Mcrv€d that Kobefpierre in his defend againft Louvet*t accufation. '* Pcfp Sfcdin But though he was ftrongly fupported in, and the con- inftigated to thefe meafures by his party in the com- ¥e»tio B, jjjune and in the clubs, even they had not intrepidity enough openly to countenance him in the conven- tion. ^ preffive of his malignant and (anguinary difpofition. Moore fays, that ^^ to a painter of mafiacres it ^ would be ineftimable.^' In his drefs, he afl Fe Aed to fet the ton in pomt of dirt and (habbinefs ; Chabot was his rival in this particular, and the club of Cor- ddiers their humble imitators. The prudence or parfimony of his father prevented his allowing fuch a f Upend as would fup# f Anecdotes, &c.

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Refrain from automated querying Do not send automated queries of any sort to Google's system: If you are conducting research on machine translation, optical character recognition or other areas where access to a large amount of text is helpful, please contact us. honorable office of prefident a Mortier^ in the par- liament of Paris*** Before the rerolution, Lepelletier was rertiarkably Condu A unobtruiive ; he forbore interfering in the difputes Pj^^'o"«to &c« p. Such is the account of this event given in the con- ohferva- vention, and publifhed by their authority. Mountain availed themfelves of the pretended cir- ciimftances, to impute the far? But there are many improbabilities in the narrative ; particularly that fo long a converfa- tion, and fo deliberate a murder, (hould take place ■ Rohcfpierrc a f«$ Commettaps, vol. The manner in which he behaved at the inn exciting fome fufpicions, a guard was fent for ; and while they were putting fome queftions to him, he blew out his brains, nmih a double-barrelled pi Jlo U loaded with two chewed bullets ^. Beugnot complained that thefe writings had been prefented to the minifter, Duranton, who had not taken proper meafures to have the publilher punifhed. de Vaublanc en- forced this accufation by producing another of Marat's papers, in which he recommended to the people to dcfiroy^ with fire and fword^ the rotten majority of the affembly. But, at this period, the regicide fa£Hon was fo Jane; firong, and their afcendancy fo confirmed, that Marat fjj! Notwithftanding the fuccefs which attended that dif- Behavfdur graceful day, and the meafures which were purfued and^otl!

We encourage the use of public domain materials for these purposes and may be able to help. When he was ftripped, two papers were found next his ftomach ; the tender-hearted Tallien declined fhewing them to the convention, becaufe, being ftained with blood, they were a difguf Ung fpeftacle ; but, on his word, one of them contained thefe expreflions : ** My brevet of honor." — ** Let no one be molefted. The incendiary was defended by his congenial friends, Bazire, Chabot, and Mer- lin ; a long and tumultuous debate enfued, at the clofe of which, a decree of accufation was iffued againft him, but its eflfeft was reduced by ^ fimilar ■ Peltier's late Pi Clure of Par U, vol. ^ to mfure more extcnfive confequences to that per- Augufc fidious plot which, after fome delays, was executed on the loth of Auguft, he is faid by Brifibt to have been fo deficient in courage, that he requefted Barbaroux to convey him to Marfeilles as a place of &fety*.

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As this addrefs contained nothing but the exprejjion of the moji ener^ geticjentiments ^ liberty^ terminated 'by an invitation to the departments^ to unite with the Parijians to repel the enemies who threatened the cc^italj the orator com^ mented on it in vain ; the only fenfation produced^ was that of ajiomjhment at hearing it denounced ". He was tiowever dofely coni- fined in the IJle de Rhe.

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