Grayson mccouch dating

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Grayson mccouch dating

During the trial it was revealed that Morgan's friend, a fellow doctor named Kyle Barkley, had returned to Lorna's apartment and raped her. In 1996, Courtney's ex-boyfriend Andrew Miller framed Morgan for the recent slew of plug-pulling "mercy killings" at the hospital. He worked at Bay City General Hospital until he disappeared in late 1996.

When his lover Brett Gardner left him in December 1994, he quit medicine and became a carpenter for several months (he helped build Wallingford's Bookstore) before returning to his true calling.

Lorna went so far as to kiss him, but her plan had simply been to show her independence to her then-flame, Victor Rodriguez.

She invited Morgan and his friend Kyle Barkley back to her apartment.

He became obsessed with finding the Bayside rapist when he came into contact with one of his victims.

Later that night events took a tragic turn as Lorna was raped.

Not entirely sure of the identity of her attacker, she nevertheless pointed the finger at Morgan.

However, Morgan forgave Lorna for almost ruining his life, and they became friends.

As 1994 progressed, Lorna and Morgan found themselves the objects of Felicia's, Lorna's mother, matchmaking.

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