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As another example, if a report is about an incident that occurred outside of the Georgia Tech Police Department’s jurisdiction, the matter would be referred the matter to the authority having jurisdiction.A hate crime is defined as any crime that manifests evidence that a victim was selected because of his/her actual or perceived race; gender; gender identity; religion; sexual ori­entation; ethnicity; national origin or disability.Using Kepler's detections, astronomers have estimated that there could be as many as 40 billion planets in our galaxy. Imagine how many planets are littered among the 100 billion galaxies in the observable universe.Perhaps planets from a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away?Yaszek: It was a movie that made room for women as heroes. She’s the leader of a rebellion and can smart talk her way around any of the characters. I could find, as a girl, a place for myself in the future. Also, these are stories about how you turn men into weapons. By the end, he’s a horrible weapon that takes out everything. We increasingly understand that soldiers who experience war come home transformed and different, and that it can be hard for them to stop being a weapon or a soldier and become “human” again. I don’t know what will be, but I know that’s how it will be a success. Goonan: Make it new without destroying what is past. The Star Wars universe depicts a diverse set of worlds containing a variety of inhabitants. John Wise, the Dunn Family Assistant Professor in the School of Physics, studies early galaxies and distant objects in the universe.Star Wars explored these themes with Darth Vader and even Luke Skywalker, who loses an arm, gains a cyborg arm, starts dressing in black, and has to make tough decisions while being conditioned by his life as a warrior. We must discover something new about the characters and learn more about space, technology and science. He wonders if there are planets somewhere out there that resemble the ones imagined by George Lucas.

Others are in sight (landing people on other planets, robots in every home). Lisa Yaszek (professor) and Kathleen Ann Goonan (award-winning novelist and professor of the practice) team up to explain science fiction and Star Wars. The original trilogy focused on ancient tales with the depth and power of myth, and was resonant with their energy. Yaszek: You have everything, including a romance between a rebel princess and a gallant rogue – and the rehabilitation of the rogue by the end of the series.

They eventually persuaded Congress to enact a law that would help mitigate future tragedies.

The Clery Act is a consumer protection law that aims to provide transparency around campus crime policy and statistics. Although we strongly encourage victims of any crime to seek assistance from law enforcement whenever possible, a report from a CSA will not necessarily result in a police investigation.

Over the next decade or so, astronomers refined their planet hunting skills and found more than 30 exoplanets.

This all changed with the launch of NASA's Kepler Mission, which continually monitored a patch of sky for brightness variations in 150,000 stars.

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From light speed to hyper drives to lightsabers and autonomous robots, Star Wars was certainly way ahead of its time despite occurring a long time ago.

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