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Either the Maine Department of Health and Human Services has branched out into the phone-sex market or it's a misprint.Turns out the agency hasn't opened a sex line, and instead the phone number to reach the agency is off by one digit on the Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) cards.These kinds of conversations will be far from fleeting -- the benefits will last a lifetime.

and that it's OK for them to ask you about it, especially if it upsets them.

Depending on what they want to say and to whom, teens choose the app that best fits their needs.

If they don't want a message to hang around, they'll use a temporary app such as This so-called "narrowcasting" (as opposed to broadcasting) is probably a positive trend and prevents some oversharing.

Why it's popular: Online chat rooms have been around for ages, as have the iffy and inappropriate conversations that happen in them. Why it's popular: There's something to be said about sharing one's innermost thoughts without repercussions, especially if those thoughts aren't socially acceptable: It's cathartic.

Though there are many misconceptions about "online predators," it's true that risky online relationships -- though rare -- more frequently evolve in chat rooms when teens willingly seek out or engage in sexual conversation. For those who simply choose to browse, delivers on that desire.

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