Feel confident dating

Posted by / 13-Feb-2020 20:41

A healthy relationship is maintained by two individuals who are healthy and confident.Every relationship has it's fair share of challenges, but if you both are strong and stable enough to work through it, your relationship can flourish.

Accept yourself despite your flaws, suggests psychologist John Grohol in his Psych Central article, "Six Tips to Improve Your Self-Esteem." Perfection is an illusion created by society.

On the other hand, if you aren't feeling good about yourself when you enter a relationship, both you and your partner may face some trouble.

For example, an insecure attachment style could cause you to be clingy or even emotionally detached from your partner, suggests psychology expert Lisa Firestone in her Huffington Post article, "Is Your Attachment Style Hurting Your Relationship?

While I was dating this one guy, I made the mistake of being practically married to him...without the ring.

I had believed him when he said he thought I was the one, and eventually I realized all the promises he was making me was empty.

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He had commitment issues so bad, he couldn't even follow through with a movie date.