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A useful technique to use for scenarios like the user control one.Jeff has even more details in his FAQ post as well as his original j Query intellisense post.Jeff King from the Web Tools team wrote up a great post earlier this week that answers a number of common questions about how Java Script intellisense works with VS 2008. One trick he talks about which I'll show here is a technique you can use when you want to have Java Script intellisense work within user-controls/partials (files).Often you don't want to include a Java Script library reference within these files, and instead have this live on the master page or content page the user control is used within. This generates an error with "Error updating JScript Intelli Sense: c:...jquery.min-fds90[1]..js: Object doesn't support this property or method @45.

When you do this VS will now look for a file in the same directory as the script file you are referencing, and if found will use it for help and intellisense.Open your JS file and once the "Updaing Java Script Intellisense" has gone from the status bar of Visual Studio (there is a menu option which will force the JS intellisense to refresh, don't remember where it is, I just created a keyboard shortcut via the Tools - Keyboard area) open up your Errors window and under the Warnings you should find the reason why the intellisense has failed to load.It's generally a bug found when parsing one of the files but I have had stack overflows when I had a lot of files referenced.Last month I blogged about how Microsoft is extending support for j Query.Over the last few weeks we've been working with the j Query team to add great j Query intellisense support within Visual Studio 2008 and Visual Web Developer 2008 Express (which is free). To enable intellisense completion for j Query within VS you'll want to follow three steps: VS 2008 SP1 adds richer Java Script intellisense support to Visual Studio, and adds code completion support for a broad range of Java Script libraries.

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The problem of course when you do this is that by default VS has no way of knowing that this script is available within the user control - and so won't provide intellisense of it for you.

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