Doctor dating patient

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Simply terminating the professional relationship just to date the patient isn't necessarily kosher either. People meet in all sorts of places, if you wait for it to be an ideal place you are waiting too long.

Mental health/child health workers generally can't go for it at all. My uncle who is a renowned plastic surgeon, got 3 of his clients pregnant. I don't mean that you should breach codes of practice but if you are waiting for it to be romantic or beautiful ... You've got a mop in one hand in a bucket of vomit, a greasy rag in the other, the person you're attracted to has plastic cords running out if their arms and out of certain orifices, but if it feels like the right place to you ... Truth be told there arent that many good looking patients in hospitals.

It's possible that if they met not in a health care relationship the patient would not be attracted to the doc, but sees value in someone caring for them.

If a doc or patient feels that a relationship might develop, the acceptable path is to change the doc-patient relationship, the patient seeks treatment from a different doc, then it's possible to pursue a relationship, although not without a measure of suspicion from other professionals. But they have to clearly terminate their professional relationship.

Was fantasy like For me as we had freaky interactions while I was in hospital. The only issue might be if you see them during work hours, except breaks, I'd say. A., and many remain friends with former coaches and teammates and so may be privy to pertinent facts unavailable to the public -- a player's injury for example. What's more, there's little evidence that pro athletes are particularly adept gamblers, as Pete Rose's bookie can confirm.You certainly wouldn't be part of their treatment, or know their medical details...except what they disclose to you themselves.In saying that, I don't think a hospital is the most ideal environment to crack onto someone.

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Morally is it considered unethical to do this in Australia? Do you think it's unadvisable considering that a lot of these people are really sick (but sometimes things can happen unintentionally when your working in the hospital 8 hours a day as you interact with different people or develop relationships from your interactions)?

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