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Doc love dating

It was a bad move on Patty’s part to leave you any kind of gift with your coworker.Because now the coworker and everyone else in your office -- all 400 people in that eight-story building -- know that you’re going out with Patty.Her contract with our company expired before the breakup, so she and I don’t work together anymore.Now, it’s five months later, and I thought about Patty and asked her out on a date again.

You've got someone by your side who doesn't blink twice in situations that would test other people's relationships.

And the results of that can only be bad for you and her.

It was great the way you handled Nina when she showed a high Interest Level in you.

And it was likewise good that you went out with her, gave it a shot and then dropped her when it turned out that she wasn’t Loyal. “Oh, she’ll change,” they’d tell themselves, “and next year she’ll become honest.” Uh, right.

And women are going to stop swooning over Brad Pitt.

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Remember, you’re supposed to be a Challenge, and by going in too quickly for the kiss you subvert that strategy.

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