Disable cpanellogd updating bandwidth

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Disable cpanellogd updating bandwidth

Keep Alive Keep Alive On This setting should be “On” unless the server is getting requests from hundreds of IPs at once.High volume and/or load balanced servers should have this setting disabled (Off) to increase connection throughput.We recommend adjusting the value for this setting to the following: Virtualized server, ie VPS 5 Dedicated server with 1-2GB RAM 10 Dedicated server with 2-4GB RAM 20 Dedicated server with 4 GB RAM 25 Max Spare Servers Max Spare Servers 10 The Max Spare Servers directive sets the desired maximum number of idle child server processes.If there are more than Max Spare Servers idle, then the parent process will kill off the excess processes.A common practice between worms, viruses and spammers is to generate or create a false email address they think you’ll receive.Login to your Cpanel, click on Mail, Default Address, at the bottom click Set Default Address Select the domain in the drop down menu, I recommend repeating this for all domains listed.

– Default Address By default all unrouted email will be directed to your main mailbox, where it will use disk space and resources of your account.For example the Sober viruses sends out a series of messages that all have common subjects, you can completely delete anything that meets those exact subjects, preventing your inbox building up with spam and protecting you from viruses. For example, I keep getting spam messages with the same subject and I want to filter them. The default Apache settings that c Panel sets upon install are definitely something that can be improved on.Login to your Cpanel, click on Mail, E-mail Filtering, at the bottom top click Create a Filter. The spam messages have the subject line: Ultimate Online Pharmaceutical I’d create a filter as follows: What? With a few small tweaks, the efficiency with which Apache runs with can be greatly improved.It is recommended to keep this value at 100 for virtualized accounts like VPS accounts.On dedicated servers it is recommended that this value be modified to 150.

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The Max Spare Servers value should be set as double the value that is set in Min Spare Servers.

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