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I’ve lived a nomadic lifestyle for 15 years and it would be nice to have a home and some stability and normality. I feel really ready and excited about the prospect.” “This is the most healthy, beautiful thing that has happened to me. This doesn’t feel like I have to work at it.” Being out of work for a while “Being lazy, I thought the first six months that I was out of work were great.But then slowly I started to wonder if I was every going to get another job and I began to doubt my own abilities.But the independent cinemas disappear more and more, which is kind of disappointing.There are only these large complexes left in London.” “The cinema for me is such a therapy.

It was pretty appalling, and it made me want to not work for a while.

So you’ve got restaurants, you’ve got a social scene, it’s accessible, and you can exist there in a sort of sane way.

Bucharest is obviously still newly out of its regime, and it’s very evident.

(2005) was hell to shoot and a horrendous experience.

The director didn’t want me in the role [studio bosses overrode Gilliam’s own choice of Samantha Morton]; and let’s just say he wasn’t too subtle about showing his dislike for me.

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I would hate to have my picture taken when I go to the shop for milk. I really don’t understand why Americans can purchase guns so easily and why they use them for sporting purposes.” “I hadn’t gone to drama school. They’ll have me on the cover of FHM next.” “Working in film lets me travel, which is one of my passions. Um, I was just born awesome.” On acting “We’ve all had that moment where you look into someone’s eyes and there’s some kind of recognition there, whether you act on it or not.” “It may be about always running from something. You can play complete bastards and get away with it. It allows me to behave terribly.” “I feel like my career has been like an elastic; I’ve almost had the big breakthrough role so many times and then been back to where I started.

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