Dhcp server is not updating dns records Live chat xxx au quebec

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Dhcp server is not updating dns records

I have a DHCP server on a subnet (my firewall which routes my subnets does NOT support DHCP relay) For some reason this DHCP server (which is AD authorized) does not always update the DNS records when it hands out an address. /2 of the time it works fine, but about 1/2 of the addresses in the DHCP lease console show up with "pencil icon" meaning that the DHCP update is still pending. I can't find any relevent errors in client, DHCP server, or DNS server's event logs.

Upon further investigation, it looks like the forward zone is updating ok, it's the reverse zone that isn't being kept up to date.

For the uninitiated, WINS resolves computer names to IP addresses (similar to DNS), and WINS-R provides reverse DNS lookups.

It is an issue on Server 2000, 2003, 2008, 2008R2, Server 2012, Server 2012 R2 and will likely be an issue in the newer builds.Both the DHCP and DNS servers are Windows 2000 Server.I don't see an option that specifies A and ptr records.In this post, you will learn how to configure DHCP to dynamically collaborate with DNS and WINS in Windows Server 2008.Under Windows NT, DNS was static and had to be manually altered to make changes.

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