Detailsview dropdownlist not updating dating sites in california usa

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Detailsview dropdownlist not updating

First we check the Row Type to make sure that we are only manipulating the rows of type Data Row.

Please note that Grid View is composed of several Row types such as Header, Data Row, Empty Data Row, Footer, Pager and Separator.

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Can anyone please suggest things can cause a dropdown box to stop causing a postback?

Note that you need to set Auto Post Back to TRUE for the Drop Down List to trigger the Selected Index Changed event.

The 4th and 5th columns are Bound Fields which holds the Price and Quantity fields.

but I have wracked my brain trying to figure it out. In this demo we will show a list of Product orders in Grid View and when the user edits the row, we will present the user with a Drop Down List containing the list of available Makes of products.Once they have made their selection, we will populate the second Drop Down List with the available Models for the specific Make they've chosen.And once they have chosen the Model from the second Drop Down List we will then update the Price field for that corresponding Model.ASPX Markup: In this post will take a look at how to possibly do this. For the simplicity of this demo, I just set it up like this: The markup above composed of 6 columns of different type of control fields.

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The Get Product Model() method gets all the available Models for each Makes.