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If you are wondering about the process of creating images for posting slide rules specimens, here is a 7 minute video captured from my screen while editing the many scans required to document a slide rule into one single image. 20 - Received gift of Nestler 0290 belonging to Mike Simmonds of Hertfordshire, UK 20 - Received gift of slide rules belonging to Peter Brooks Morton (c1938-2017). 20 - Slide Rule Rescue - Updated, Added Hemmi and Aristo pocket slide rules 20.01 - Received Soviet Era 22 inch slide rule from Pavlonskaya of St. 14 Log Log Decitrig 20 - Relay/Ricoh - Added Lafayette 99-7102 Vectorlog and Jason No.801 Mannheim Trig. Bauman was an Electrical Engineer at Philidelphia Electric Company from 1950-1962, he then became a manager and finally supervising buyer. 20 - SR_Rescue - Sent 5 slide rules out to Friends of the Musem.

Bachelor Collection 20 - Pickett - Added[Replaced] 3-T Dula base Log Log Die Cast braces, N3-T Power Log Exponential [S129], Model 14 US Military Artillery Ranging (1959), Model 6-T Statistical Control 91962), model 200 Bethlehem Steel, 1000 newer artwork, N903-T Trig and Conversion.. Gifts of Don Di Galbo 20 - Nestler - Added Nr.0370 (Inch) Electro. 20 - Ephemera - Added 31 new ads containing slide rules from various old electronics magazines. 20 - Received gift of slide rules used by Dorinda Wong of Pleasanton, California. 20 - Received donation from Brenda Barnes in memory of James J. 20 - Circular - Added Fearns A7 Universal Metric Converter, Donated By Barbara Cunningham, Australia, belonged to Brian Charles Cunningham 20 - SR_Library/Japan - Added Hemmin 257 Chemical Engineering slide rule Brief Instructions. 20 - Faber - Added Faber Castell 1/87 Rietz, no scale labels, belonged to Brian Charles Cunningham 20 - Concise - Added(Replaced) Concise No.32 Key chain with Perpetual Calender(C07).

Typo in brand name Lawrence "Enginering" Service instead of "Engineering". Gifted by his his wife, Midge Levy, and his son Benjamin Levy of Vancouver, Washington. 20 - Pickett - Added Photo of Polly Hattemer of Redondo Beach to her Pickett N-16-ES slide rule 20 - Nordic - Added scans of Diwa 621, 631 Duplex, 641, 661; UTO 602, 631, 661, 651U Duplolog, 651U Darmstadt. 20 - Misc USA - Added 2 American Journal Gas Flow Computers to Whitehead and Hoag brand. Added 1894 Science and Engineering magazine article on the Lietz company 20 - Circular - Moved T&T Fast Calculator to Misc USA Gallery. 20 - SR_Terms - Added entry for Grafton Plastics of Grafton, Wisconsin, that made rebranded slide rules for companies like Bruning and Post. 20 - Received gift of 3 slide rules belonging to Arnold D. Gift of Ed Millis 20 - KE_Standard - Added[replaced] 4058C Beginners Slide rule, Version 1 [S478}, 4058C V2. 20 - KE_Specialty - Added N-4100 Stadia rule sn623559. 20 - KE_Standard - Added[replaced] 4035 Lot 2 all-glass cursor. 4093-3 Duplex Vector sn52044 [S263], 4088-3 Log Log Duplex Vector sn833117 1952[S013]. 20 - SR_Loaner - Added photos of students from Mount Vernon Middle School. 20 - Ephemera - Added images from 4 movies or TV shows showing slide rules. 20 - Library/Pickett added M375 How to Use The Deci-Log Log Slide Rule (Model 2). Gift Of Steve Stewart 20 - Pickett - Added(replaced) numerous models slide rules to the gallery.20.01 - Received National Semiconductor 4650, scientific calculator (slide rule). TI-40, TI-35, NS 4650, SR-56 20.01 - Received Post 1460 Versalog II dc VE (1971) marked TCSUC-13641 from Terrence Dunn of Bakersfield, California. Radio Shack EC-281, SR-56, Rockwell 61R, Qualitron QI-2015, 20.- Calculators - Radio Shack catalog pages. 20 - Ephemera w/SRs - Added 18 new images from Electronic Experimenter ans Science and Invention Magazines for the 1910-1930 20 - Received gift of slide charts from Robert Hockin of Komoka, Ontario, Canada 20 - SR_Whos Who - Added Alphabetic menu to allow jumping to names quicker without scrolling 20 - Ephemera - Added 22 images/articles from Radio News and Wireles World (UK) from 1910-1970.20.- Calculators - Added photo of High School Graduate getting a present of an HP-35 in 1974 20 - Faber - Added 1/61/361 (1938)from Jorge Fabregas Zazza Collection at 20 - People w/SRs - added drawing of Mary Golda Ross, Native American Space Engineer 20 - People w/SRs - added 5 new images 20 - Patents/FR - Added 12 patents from France 20 - Calculators - Added catalog pages showing calculators from 1973 through 1977 20 - Event Announcements - Annual Oughtred Society Metting in Las Vegas, NV. Information on registration and hotel accomodations at 20 - Event announcement - IM2019. FELGRA, Una Garantia en Textos Universitarios (a "guarantee" in university texts) 20 - Ephemera - added 7 advertisements and article images from Polpular Electronics 20 - Comicsw/SRs - added 4 cartoons 20 - Ephemera - added 4 advertisements and article images and one to People w/SRs gallery 20 - SR_Whos Who - Added Andrew Kinsmen who create a popular postscipt file of a foldable slide rule that visitors can assemble. 20 - SR_Terms/Glossary - Added entries on the 23rd Psalm "Don't marry an engineer" and importance of the "A Decimal Point" 20 - Ephemera w/SRs - Added 45 more images bringing the total to 558.This year's International Meeting of Collectors of Historical Calculating Instruments, is being held September 20th to 21st, 2019 in Scheveningen and The Hague, The Netherlands, with an optional visit to a small local museum on Sunday September 22nd, 2019. 20 - Received a donation from Jose Gabriel Fernandez of Spain 2019 20 - Received a donation of from Mary J. 20 - Ephemera w/SRs - Added 57 more images bringing the total to 440.Full details 20 - Demo SR - Added image of Welch ft from Nathan Zeldes, Israel. Levasseur ( 20.01 - Received Qualitron QI-1015 electronic scientific slide rule calculator. from Serbia 20.01 - Received gift of Pickett Model 2-T from Karl W. 20.01 - Received gift of a 6 ft Post Versalog Demonstration Slide Rule from Dave Sanner of Erie, Pennsylvania.

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Wichmann sub-catagory 20 - Pocket Watches - Added[Replaced] H. 20 - Ephemera - Added 4 new ads containing slide rules found in various old Radio-Electronics magazines. Gifts of Ed Mills and Bob Schwartz 20 - Lawrence - Added[Replaced] Engineering Instruments 10-B, Eng. (10-B No Model number, alternate back), Lawrence 250-BT. Gift of Leroy Hausler Collection 20 - Acumath - Added[Replaced] Festus "Acu-Rule" 1938 [S343]. Bachelor Collection 20 - Misc Japan - Added[Replaced Jakar 1013 Log Log, Jakar No.29 Student Log Log [S282] gift of Mike Weaver, United Kingdom 20 - Orient Added[Replaced] Flying Fish 1004 Vector [REF]. gifts of Mike Weaver, United Kingdom 20 - Blundell(BRL) - Added Blundell Luton G1 and G2, Bakelite Stocks, Blundell 802 Log Log, S100 Pocket SR. He used and collected slide rules consistently throughout his life acquiring them from friends and at yard sales.

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