David duchovny rumored to be dating x files gillian anderson marital separation and dating

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David duchovny rumored to be dating x files gillian anderson

Producer Glen Morgan will be writing two episodes (he only knows what one of those two will be, but he will do another), and his brother Darin will also be getting back into action for the show.James Wong is also returning for two episodes, and he's revealed a little bit about the structure of the new series.In that universe, season 11 revolved around Fox Mulder being turned into a Edward Snowden-style figure by the US government, and going on the run as a result.It also saw a return for chess prodigy Gibson Praise as the season's big bad.(She previously appeared as a mutant-breeding amputee kept under a bed in 'Home' - an episode that proved so controversial that Fox promised never to air it ever again.) "While Karen Konoval won't be reprising her role as the mother-under-the-bed in the fan-favourite episode 'Home', she will be returning in a tour-de-force performance in an early episode.Or, more accurately – performances," teased showrunner Chris Carter.

"We start the season right up from where the season finale left off with that big helicopter and takes you right from there," he explained.Behind-the-scenes, the writing team has now been confirmed, with Chris Carter joined by classic series writers Glen Morganand James Wong ('Squeeze') and Darin Morgan ('Clyde Bruckman's Final Repose') — all of whom worked on last year's revival miniseries.Glen Morgan is expected to write two episodes after penning the sublimely creepy 'Home Again' last year.Monica Reyes (Annabeth Gish) will also be back, following her appearance in season 10's finale helping Scully develop a vaccine for the Spartan virus (the spread of which she'd previously helped enable, the swine).(As for her former partner, Robert Patrick has said he's "game" to return as John Doggett, last seen in the original show's 2002 finale, and Chris Carter has also spoken of his desire to revisit the character.) The return of both 'The Cigarette Smoking Man' (William B Davis) and the 'Lone Gunmen' (Tom Braidwood, Dean Haglund, and Bruce Harwood) has also been confirmed.

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"You know, we want do to mythology stories and stories that connect with each other, but I think we're still interested in doing standalone stories.

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