Datingyourcharacter com

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Datingyourcharacter com

Many writers don't really know what it is about them or their work that is so fascinating; therefore we shall explore concepts of branding and competitive edge to snag the opportunity.Techniques include, practice pitching, improvisation, writing and public speaking exercises.In this interactive pitching seminar, writers of all ages, genres and skill levels will get a chance to work on, practice and perfect their stories for their pitching moment in the sun!The focus is on what you bring to the pitching moment that is memorable, highlighting your unique passion for your story...

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Despite days of heat alternating with days of rain, new buds are forming on trees. Consider the photo of this smart black bird taking a ride on the back of an eagle. Slowing down and looking around you - six, maybe two, degrees of separation - for those people you know or who are in your community that can offer you opportunities. And, check out our annual free seminar sponsored by USC: "DATING YOUR CHARACTER." THE FOUR-HOUR SEMINAR IS FREE; WE CAN SEAT 200. There is nothing out there like it." MARCH 30-31ST INKTIP'S PITCHING SUMMIT IN LOS ANGELES The Summit is this Saturday.

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