Dating videofunny

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Dating videofunny

Last night halfway through SNL, Melissa Mc Carthy came on in and saved the day as Sean Spicer. While this whole election has really made us laugh until we cried, it’s really open to interpretation whether it’s been tears of sadness or laughter.Not only did she lo exactly like him, she spewed out the most random nonsense that made the impression totally on-point. And speaking of laughter, Bad Lip Reading kills it again with their take on Donald Trump’s Inauguration.Sort of like a swan song where he and Jimmy Fallon sing the praises and accomplishments of his administration.So the next time someone says, “Seriously, what has Obama done during his presidency? […] While some octogenarians are wintering in Florida and collectively shaking their heads at America’s youth, others are busy rockin’ out to Drowning Pool’s “Bodies.” John Hetlinger, an 82 year old singer, totally killed it on “America’s Got Talent” when he stunned the crowd with his version of the hard rock cover.“Siri” (I still can’t decide if you’re helpful, or a nightmare), also stars in the ad.The original commercial features Coie Monster making chocolate chip coies and impatiently waiting for the timer to hit zero.To be honest, we’d […] We have to admit, any time Larry David shows up for the SNL cold open playing Bernie Sanders we’re all in!

Not a one could keep a straight face, especially Ryan Gosling.

Remember when you made everyone play whilst wearing inflatable suits? Jessie Graff attempted the 2016 Los Angeles Qualifiers for America Ninja Warrior…killed it!

She became the first woman to conquer the new Warped Wall, whilst dressed as Wonder Woman (even though she is technically a […] James Corden was recently inspired by the upcoming Tony Awards (airing on Sunday, June 12).

Personally, I now think all debates should end with a song.

As the tributes continue to pour in over the sudden death of Prince, the performance that literally everyone is talking about to place last night on Broadway when Jennifer Hudson and the cast of The Color Purple ended their show with one of the most chilling renditions of Purple Rain we’ve ever witnessed.

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