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White men are most numerous on mainstream dating sites like OKCupid and and that’s where daters go to look for them.Black women looking to date interracially are up for some stiff competition.But where does their relationship stand now in light of the ongoing drama?We're told Caelynn and Dean are still together, but a source adds, "This Blake situation has put huge amount of stress on their relationship. Caelynn is having a really hard time with it."The insider continues, "They are hopeful things will blow over and they can get back to where they were before the texts were exposed." Fans should feel confident in the pair's ability to stick it out, especially given Dean's harsh defense of his girlfriend after Blake further put their feud on blast.

Somewhere between Suzanne Sommers working the Thighmaster™ and Ron Popeil's exhortations to "set it and forget it," it's as if infomercials became the only thing on TV that everyone in America actually watched as a shared experience.From the very beginning, the late, great Billy Mays started his pitches with, "Billy Mays here! And now, my five favorite infomercials of all time.What I appreciate most about this infomercial is not the clips of each song that are just long enough to remind me of every junior high school dance where I failed to score a slow dance with even the homeliest of ladies, but that it confirms my suspicions about what Air Supply has been doing for the past couple decades.During the most recent episode of i Heart Radio's alum said Blake "crossed the line" by leaking their correspondence online.In Dean's words, "Publishing and publicizing private text messages without consent from the other person as a public figure is one of the most disgraceful things you can do.

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The online dating landscape doesn’t look great for women now.

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  1. There is no problem with dating at any age; yet, we often shy away from dating people of different ages, fearing age will be the reason it doesn’t work out. Some will argue that it does because our culture appears to be youth-obsessed.