Dating slando gr athina dating picture taken

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Dating slando gr athina

Shemale 2008-03-10 Topic: Natasha gets a surprise"My God, what are you doing\' cried Natasha as she walked into the room? Didn\'t make a lot of sense I know, but I didn\'t know what to say. I was shocked and slightly taken aback but my cock responded instantly and began to harden as the nylon touched it again. She wrapped her arms around me and kissed me deeply and ground herself into me.The sight that must have greeted her was indeed a strange one as she looked at me lying on the sofa with a pair of tan pantyhose pulled most of the way up my legs, a black bra around my top, and a black pair of her heels jammed onto my feet. I\'d been well and truly caught and I thought I was in big trouble. "Anyway, I knew it was wrong, but with you away I couldn\'t resist taking a look in your wardrobe. here we are"" I assume you think I\'m some sort of ultra-strange pervert now, and maybe I am. My cock was now rock-hard again and she pushed harder into it.I had to admit that the sensation was now becoming quite pleasant for me too as the dildo seemed to be hitting spots inside my ass that were really responding.She kept on fucking me and then abruptly pulled out.

Aren\'t you a lucky boy" and then proceeded to suck each toe individually through the pantyhose.

We echoed each others movement, stroke for stroke, kiss for kiss.

Then she got down to my feet and removed one of her heels from it.

I\'d got the player working quickly and the noise from the TV drowned out her return. She walked over and pushed me onto the sofa"I know this is wrong for both of us, and you need to understand that this is STRICTLY a one-off thing. I want to have some fun, because this is something we may never get a chance to do again. I might ask you to do some things that you might not like even, but today is a time for experiments. I didnt need prompting then and quickly set about eating every inch of her soaking wet pussy.

And because I thought I had some time to spare, I\'d decided to indulge my passion a little, never for a moment thinking that she\'d be back so soon. She certainly wasn\'t lying about being turned on by the ocassion that was for sure.

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"Thats it my boy let me fuck your hot little boy ass"I couldnt believe it, I\'d never heard her use words like that before.

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