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Luckily, enamelware is also extremely resilient and can be brought back from the brink of despair with a few simple products!

I’m often surprised by how effective even small measures are — so effective, in fact, that I end up skipping the harsher chemicals and materials altogether!The label warns about the product’s potential to dull surfaces, and although I’ve never had this problem, I didn’t want to chance it unless I had to.To minimize the amount of scrubbing, I sprinkled Barkeeper’s Friend all over the tray, added some water and used the soft side of a sponge to spread around the mixture and let it sit for about 10 minutes.After having several Mr Coffee type appliances die I got frustrated and decided I wanted a good old fashioned percolator like we had when I was a kid.I ordered this one, and while it wasn't quite as sturdy as I remembered, I made a pot of coffee right away. Reminded me of happy times and I'm quite satisfied.

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Because it’s so un-fancy, enameled pieces are often left outside and/or coated in dirt and debris and often get passed up because of it.

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