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The Sitemap provides full details of all of the information and facts provided about the fascinating subject of Middle Ages!

BBC: Middle Ages This extensive BBC offering presents the Middle Ages as a period of “massive social change, burgeoning nationalism, international conflict, terrible natural disaster, climate change, rebellion, resistance and renaissance.” The site is essentially a series of extended essays by various academics accompanied by related images.

A knight would start their life in a castle as a Page and then move up to the role of a Squire.

The Knights Armor of the Middle Ages was extremely expensive to produce.

A useful introduction to the period, though lacking in user interactivity.

Knighthood was not bestowed purely because a young man was the son of a noble.

There were many steps to achieving a knighthood, requiring years of training.

Little interactivity, but an informative and interesting introduction to medieval life in Britain.

The Decameron Web The Decameron Web is an interactive project by Brown University designed for college and high school teachers that prompts investigation and discussion of the Decameron texts – stories of people escaping Florence at the time of The Plague.

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The Ballads section includes a synopsis of all historical ballads and the “Book of Days” explores holy days and celebrations throughout the months.

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