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In the first 45 years of production the number system was pretty cut and dry.

Unfortunately not all instruments were numbered and not all followed the number pattern so all dates are approximate.

This new system had the numbers pressed into the wood.

The system was used from 1961 to 1969 and had many problems that resulted in duplicated batch numbers so the numbers from those years are approximate and exact dates are hard to come by.

That said, the information compiled and presented here is the most comprehensive data set we have for dating Guild guitars.

I do also have an 84 model D 21 I beleive similar condition except it had a small crack on the headstock whcih I had repaired but I don't think an 84 is worth much? From 1975-1976 a transfer was used for the serial numbers.The transfer contained an eight digit serial number as well as "MADE IN USA". There also were some bolt on models with a date ink stamped on the heel.Since all the instruments using this serial number pattern were acoustic or semi-hollow the labels were located inside the instrument body.Gibson introduced a new pattern when they began producing solid body guitars.

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If the instrument has original electronics some dating can be verified by pot numbers.

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