Dating alias examples may i become a catholic while dating a married man

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Dating alias examples

A convenient location for such definitions is the taxonomy element in the class Decl (classification declaration) in the encoding Desc of a TEI Header.

Oracle Database has its own propriety format for storing date data.

Months always before years (the american style) otherwise you'll get an incorrect date and may get an error like the one above (where PHP is crashing on trying to decode a 13th month).

Can catch you off guard because everything seems to be working fine and dandy until you hit a value over 12.

your claim that "is not 100% truth" is incorrect, you're seeing desired behavior here.

The timezone passed as 2nd argument is used as a default fall back, in case the parsed string doesn't provide TZ information.] So if you want to convert date between different timezones, you have to create two Date Time Zone objects - one for the input and one for output, like this: @Marton Bodonyi This is not exactly true.

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It uses fixed-length fields of 7 bytes, each corresponding to century, year, month, day, hour, minute, and second to store date data.