Dating a kenyan man in america

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Dating a kenyan man in america

Another 11 per cent would like her family to be very involved and 10 per cent said it did not matter.

On complexion, Kenyan men who like chocolate brown women was 47 per cent, medium brown 36 per cent while those who prefer the dark are 11 per cent.

Only nine per cent of the men in the survey prefer a woman with more education than them, but the highest number (45 per cent) would like someone with whom they are at par.

Of those polled, 24 per cent thought height was a moot point.

An overwhelming majority (70 per cent) of men polled thought the ideal woman should not have any children with only 15 per cent saying it did not matter and 10 per cent ready to tolerate one child.

Only a tiny minority (15 per cent) prefer women who are five years younger than them.

Five per cent said age did not matter while another five per cent preferred someone who was up to five years their senior, and another two per cent women who were more than five years older than them.

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