Datagridview cellvalidating change value updating apple hard disk drivers lockup

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Datagridview cellvalidating change value

The built-in cell types that support editing (text box, combo box, and check box cell types) create an instance of an editing control that derives from their normal Windows Forms counterparts (, respectively) and display that control as a child control inside a panel inside the cell.

Incidently, thanks for the points, although I'd like to work with you a bit further on this...Original Value of the column for the row, and if it was null, then we can simply reset that value to null.I'm just playing around right now with how best to do this...I have written this: Private Sub dgv Top_Cell Validating(By Varing()) = False Then Message Box. Cancel = True End If End Select End Sub Which works just fine as far as finding an invalid date, gently alerting the user, and returning the focus to the offending cell. It seems that in the _Cell Validating event you must look at "e.My question is, if the date field was initially NULL how do I set it back to Null ?? Value (If it's not Value, it's something similar, not at my dev machine at the moment, so pardon me - can't test :) ). Formatted Value" to return the value that has been entered into the cell that you are validating (wtf ?

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If we do it this way, you will be able to put your data back to the correct datatypes! I didn't include the SQL string because it is quite lengthy (joins 15 tables). Data Member), Currency Manager) But I'm still having the same problem that the only way I can find to look at the data in the current cell is to look at "e.formattedvalue". Jake, The answer to my question is quite simply "Ctrl 0" The root of the problem was if a user entered any data in a cell of the dgv that was not a date, there was no way to get off the cell.

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