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So, basically, the guy was homeless and stranded in Mexico until the ship got around to sending his passport home to the Philippines and his family managed to ship it back to him. During my cruise, we did ‘Dancing With The Stripes’ every cruise, and it was the same songs, and I did the same ‘routine’ every week.Beers and cigarettes are dirt cheap for us, hence why basically every single crew member is probably trashed. So…Yeah…there were some good parts of it but definitely not worth going to work for.It really sets the stage for a nice fling, or love, depending on where you’re coming from and what you’re ready for.”I am a cruise ship worker. That really funny answer you gave us about your wife during the happy couples game? It was said last cruise and the one before that, and the one before that… Staff could go to their own or go ‘down’ to the crew mess. The differences in food between the three were impressive.First one is, we don’t want you to know that we actually have more fun than the guests. We are not allowed to have sex with to passengers…But we do know the all the nooks and crannies the cameras don’t reach. The Crew mess had mostly rice and left over meat, whereas the officer’s mess had all kinds of great food and variety.” Then we’d wait for the comment cards to come in: “Why do crew get a bowling alley when we don’t? Secondly, I was a dancer in the cast on-board, and I had a lot more free time than most, being that all I did was perform in the shows.I do suggest working on ships, for anyone who is curious.Believe be, I am all for a dude making me his princess but this was extreme.I legit started to fear for my safety, and the cruise line did nothing.

I had a solid gig playing on a cruise line for a couple summers as a jazz musician.I personally had an issue with a guy that wouldn’t leave me alone.He was a cook and would sit outside my room, yelling things like how we were meant to be together and blah blah blah.He said that if we couldn’t be together than I couldn’t come out of my room.I called HR and security and they basically told me that I had done something to deserve this.

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I played with a house quartet every night for three months.