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Contact friends reunited dating

After signing up for the 3-day trial I've been cancelling the automatic subscription renewal (after 2 days).

I've had to phone to do this and found it surprisingly complicated, more so than with other sites.

Read Full Review Others have said it but i will say it too, FAR TOO MANY DEAD PROFILES!!!

My photo took 3 days to be accepted, during this time i had several views, but due to there being to photo, they moved on and did not revisit my profile.FRD are obviously completely negligent in carrying out checks on…Read Full Review I've had a page on Friends Reunited Dating for about four years. Suddenly the site has generated quite extraordinary communications. My vanity won't let me believe this is marketing-ploy by Friends Reunited Dating management to achieve 1)thousands of clicks and 2)…Read Full Review I have been a member for about two months now and was looking to get to know girls/women in their late twenties early thirties.If you are in the same category, don't bother going there.

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There is an option to do 6 or 12 months etc., and if you dont watch out when you first register for full membership they will take the 6 month membership by default BE CAREFUL..