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Unfortunately, though, that peace wouldn’t last forever…

The Internet has never been a place known for its understanding of human requests for privacy, and thus it was only a matter of months before pictures of Punk and AJ’s private wedding leaked to the public. And I block you because I can’t punch you in your disrespectful f***ing face.

In 2013, Beadle, a longtime wrestling fan, decided to help promote and participate in WWE’s yearly Tribute to the Troops special.

Beadle was also an old friend of CM Punk, or so she thought, affectionately and absent-mindedly calling him “f*** face” when she passed him in a hallway.

Beadle thought the whole thing was a joke and wound up completely shocked when Punk abruptly ended their friendship upon news of the story breaking, although to her credit, she never seemed to blame WWE for the wrestlers' individual actions.

Unlike the many celebrity couples who like to go all out on their wedding, Punk and AJ were married in a very small ceremony so scarcely attended that news of their nuptials weren’t confirmed until a few days after they were hitched.

Especially in this information age where every couple posts their daily life to Instagram, it says a lot about the kind of people Punk and AJ are that they don’t want their personal pictures spread throughout the public.Chances are that the whole thing stands as an eerie coincidence, although it goes to show how complicated it can be to date within one’s own industry.AJ Lee isn’t without her share of famous ex’s all her own, and while Punk’s exes might be the ones with more cause to speak out about how weird the situation was, it was AJ’s ex who went public with his thoughts on her new relationship.Despite their dual status as two top members of the WWE roster, or perhaps because of that status, Punk and AJ were relatively quiet about starting a relationship during the early days of their courtship.Nonetheless, context clues can tell us they started getting together sometime in late 2013, only shortly after Punk had ceased his second shot at a romance with WWE Hall of Famer Lita.

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Punk controversially left WWE a few months prior to the wedding and officially got fired the same day the couple gave their vows, predicting AJ Lee’s retirement from wrestling to focus on outside endeavors less than one year later.

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