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Clip dating prevention video violence

Tension can also occur in non-abusive relationships but it never leads to abuse.

However, in an abusive relationship during this stressful period, the victim feels like they are "walking on eggshells," meaning if they slip up at anytime they could "set the abuser off." Once the explosion resolves, the abuser often tries to repair the relationship and most often the relationship cycle starts back at the honeymoon phase.

Materials Students will need: (Facilitator Note: The statements do not have to be hung in any particular order.

For up-to-date statistics, you can visit the National Domestic Violence Hotline at

When the students enter the classroom, give each person ten red sticker dots and ten green sticker dots (or one red and one green marker).

Some of what the couple talks about may bring on strong emotions.

This is natural, but comments should be held until the group discussion.

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To illustrate the importance of this bond in the cycle of violence, ask the group, "If on the first or second date someone called you names, asked you constantly about your whereabouts, or hit you would you continue to date them?