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Chat se xonline

So, I believe I would be better off staying in a humid location and adapting to that environment, while a rider who is less affected by heat could live at elevation and not struggle as badly when they get to a race.Anyway, maybe you should consider a neck tattoo with your pertinent information and blood type included if you’re going to continue the Colorado trips. PINGHey David Pingree: My question is about qualifying: How motivated are riders to qualify fastest?

What it told was that he’s a teenager who’s all testicles and testosterone and not enough experience.

Yes, many athletes train at elevation, and there is science behind that practice.

But there is also something to be said for being acclimated to the climate you’re going to be competing in.

You’re right about starting position: the difference between first gate pick and fourth isn’t the difference between winning or finishing off the podium.

I think some of the drive to be fastest qualifier has to do with confidence.

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The kid quite literally took himself out of the season with a series of wild practice sessions.

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