Cathy arias dating guide for men

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Laurene hasn’t relied on her husband’s income over the years either as she has founded her own companies, but she was made the co-founder of Apple before Steve Jobs’ untimely death in 2011.Larry Page did just that and then married wife Lucy Southworth to share his billion with for the rest of his life.The relationship isn’t all about the Benjamins though, as Laurene and Steve Jobs met in the ‘80s when Laurene was still a student.The two quickly fell in love, and the rest is history.

This is all in between enjoying married life alongside raising the two children they have together.

The couple enjoyed a glorious ceremony in New York that lasted the entire weekend in 2013.

They had met five years before, but George couldn’t resist and had to walk his love down the aisle.

Life is well and truly set for this family as money troubles won’t be a worry here.

Australia’s eighth richest man and Erica began dating, and after their on-off relationship lasted four years, the couple decided to get married.

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Kate is able to live a life of her own as she works with Campinteractive, an organization that helps children learn technological skills.

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