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Candida moss on the dating of polycarp

That would date the martyrdom to 23 February 157 on both counts.Barnes’s new view on this matter can in fact be further reinforced from another recently published epigraphic document which he does not consider.Martyrdom of Polycarp is a manuscript written in the form of a letter that relates the religious martyrdom of Polycarp, Bishop of Smyrna (the site of the modern city of Izmir, Turkey) and disciple of John the Apostle in the 2nd century AD.It forms the earliest account of Christian martyrdom outside of the New Testament.The nature of this interpretation, however, is highly debated and has formed the basis for arguments about the authenticity of the account.This paper will explore the way that scholarly assumptions about intertextuality, literary fabrication, and canonicity have influenced and shaped scholarly treatments of the Martyrdom of Polycarp.But do we need to think that such an attempt at Christian re-interpretation of a Roman trial could only take a place a century after the event?

This is not to say that the argument of Moss, followed by Whitmarsh, for ‘heavily romanticised’ (Whitmarsh, p.Not only is the text treated as the first example of the martyrdom genre, it plays a critical role in the dating of canonical texts, the formation of canon, and the development of other external Christian phenomenon.Within the text itself, the repeated allusions to the passion narratives and presentation of Polycarp’s martyrdom as being “in accordance with gospel” have prompted scholars to read the account as an interpretation of the death of Jesus.282) narrative of the is without merit or that we should return to reading it naively as a simple unmediated eye-witness account, but simply to point out how different branches of scholarship can inform each other – as epigraphists and institutional historians we can learn from more sceptical literary analysis, but equally new inscriptions allow to consider the accuracy of some elements in martyr acts from a different angle, and knowledge of the institutional history of Roman provinces can be helpful in understanding problematic passages in early Christian texts.To illustrate this by another example: it was already Bishop Lightfoot in his monumental nineteenth-century commentary ( is addressed to the community in the small inland city of Philomelion. 545) that it was ‘a small, unremarkable town that had little to recommend it in the second century’, and she was not the first to think that this points to a third century date of composition.

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