Bonding to zirconia elucidating the confusion

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The composite cement cylinders were bonded to the ceramic cylinders, establishing 13 test groups (n=10).

The samples were kept for 24 hours at 37 ºC in a JP Selecta model 210 oven (Abrera, Spain).).

One hundred thirty zirconium-oxide ceramic cylinders were fabricated (Ø 5 mm x length 7 mm) (Y-TZP-A: Y-TZP-A: yttrium oxide-stabilized tetragonal zirconio polycrystals doped with alumina) (Lava TM System Frame®, 3M ESPE, Seefeld, Germany) and retained in copper cylinders filled with plaster.

Similarly, 130 composite cement cylinders (Ø 5 mm x 7 mm length) were made, comprising 4 types of cement; two dual-polymerizing (Variolink II®, Ivoclar Vivadent, Schanne, Liechtenstein, and Panavia F ®, Kuraray, Osaka, Japan) and two autopolymerizing (Rely X ®, 3M ESPE, and Multilink ®, Ivoclar Vivadent).

One hundred thirty composite cement cylinders, comprising two dual-polymerizing (Variolink II and Panavia F) and two autopolymerizing (Rely X and Multilink) resins were bonded to the ceramic samples.

Four additional ceramic cylinders were fabricated for examination by scanning electron microscopy (SEM) (JEOL JSM 6300 with crystal microanalysis Oxford Instruments Ltd, Tokyo, Japan) and transmission electron microscopy (TEM) (Philips CM-10 equipped with CCD for image capture, Amsterdam, Netherlands), and were not subjected to shear testing.

Ceramics are classified according to their base, silicate or oxide, the latter being either aluminum or zirconium oxide (2).

Resin cements are currently indicated for cementing ceramic restorations (3-6).

The aim of this study was to analyze the bond strength between zirconia ceramic and composite resin cements.

An optical and electron microscopy study was also carried out in order to understand the effects of the different ceramic surface treatments performed.

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MDP is a long organic hydrophobic chain molecule with two ends.

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