Blackberry singles dating

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Blackberry singles dating

Whats App is a cross-platform instant messaging client that has quickly found a fanbase among those that wanted the joy of certain BBM features elsewhere.

Whats App has activity indicators so users can tell when others have been active, if they’ve received messages, and when they’re typing replies.

We've picked out the best ways to stay connected with everyone you need to on Black Berry 10.

Trapeez is a Tumblr client made by the same fine folks that made the Blaq client for Play Book.

Through the web interface, Bufferers set ideal times to post, or let the system figure out when to publish for maximum pick-up.

Of course, your Keeks can always be shunted out to Facebook and Twitter, if you like.Over time, Untappd figures out your drinking habits and can suggest new beers that might be up your alley.The user interface on Untappd is really sharp, and I find it's a great way to add a new twist on the same ol' getting drunk rigamarole.Along the bottom of the screen, sample tweets pop up to give a glimpse as to what these tweets look like. You can check out your favorite subreddits, leave comments on submissions, upvote, downvote, send private messages to redditors, and submit your own links.If you’re professionally into social media, Feather Duster is a really cool way to visualize trends and how they’re relating to one another. It’s an Android port, so you can't submit stories from the system-wide Share menu, but it’s otherwise fully functional.

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The app is location-aware, so you can find singles based on their proximity, assuming they have their accounts open to that kind of thing.

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