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Someone has started the process of booking your chosen property, for your chosen dates.They have 1 hour to complete the booking process however if they decide not to go ahead the property dates will be released and will be available to book.The webcam run by RHBTA Ltd is positioned overlooking the beach below the Quarterdeck, with a view down the coast towards Boggle Hole and Ravenscar.

Other raptors like eagles seek out trees with certain characteristics but Ospreys (read more…)Ospreys rely on fish to survive, and fish need clean water.Please, never dump motor oil or other household products in gutters or storm drains, which lead into the Bay. Don’t put old (read more…)Ospreys – sometimes known as “sea hawks” – are magnificent large hawks that evolved to hunt and eat fish.Their vision is over three times better than human vision so they can spot fish swimming below.Birds that forage in San Francisco Bay – particularly species like Ospreys and pelicans that feed on fish – are vulnerable to entanglement in fishing line that’s unattended or discarded.We encourage land managers to (read more…)Ospreys are especially fascinating raptors for lots of reasons.

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