Bad breath 1 turnoff dating

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Bad breath 1 turnoff dating

When asked what the biggest turn-off in a potential romantic partner is, bad breath topped the list at 31.3%, followed closely by yellow, crooked or missing teeth at 25%.

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We all know that bad breath can certainly cool the flames of attraction, as well as limit our success professionally.

So why not give yourself the extra confidence of fresh breath all day long. Cure Bad Breath with Pro Fresh For many, good dental hygiene including brushing, flossing and tongue cleaning are enough to ensure fresh breath.

These bad breath bacteria live under the saliva and are responsible for producing the gases that cause bad breath odor.

No amount of drugstore mouthwash or tooth brushing can eliminate these VSC’s.

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So, I mean, if you have a date that night, think about what you're eating that day.