Are percy and annabeth dating

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Are percy and annabeth dating

It is unknown whether she actually fought the monsters or not, but she most likely fought them and was mortally wounded.

Zeus, feeling sorry for his daughter, saved her life by turning her into a pine tree, later renamed Thalia's Pine Tree.

Despite their escape, they were delayed long enough for the pack of monsters pursuing them to catch up.

They couldn't outrun them, so Thalia made the ultimate sacrifice; she said she would stay behind so Annabeth, Luke and Grover could make it safely to Half-Blood Hill.

When Annabeth was 10 years old, she heard the Great Prophecy. Every time a new camper came to Camp Half-Blood, Annabeth wondered if they were "the one", because Chiron told her that she would have a part to play in the Great Prophecy.Annabeth was later found by Luke Castellanand Thalia Grace.When they found her, Annabeth hid behind a piece of metal, and then tried to attack them with her hammer, but Luke knocked it out of her hand.Shortly after in 1993, as a gift to Frederick, Athena sent him Annabeth, who was considered a "brain child" like all other children of Athena.Annabeth appeared in a golden cradle carried down from Olympus by Zephyrus, the west wind.

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After removing the sheet of iron, Annabeth ran toward Luke with a hammer and almost hit him with it, thinking he was a monster.