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A., PROFESSOR OF IRISH HISTORY AND ARCHAEOLOGY IN THE CATHOLIC UNIVERSITY OF IRELAND; CORRESPONDING MEMBER OF THE SOCIETY OF ANTIQUARIES OF SCOTLAND, ETC. D., SECRETARY OF THE ROYAL IRISH ACADEMY, AND PROFESSOR OF CHEMISTRY TO THB CATHOLIC UNIVERSITY OF IRELAND, AND TO THE ROYAL COLLEGE OF SCIENCE. I looked upon myself indeed as only the nominal editor, feeling sure from my friend's love of the subject, and his respect for the labours and memory of O'Curry, that he would spare no labour or trouble in this matter, as indeed he never did whenever a patriotic object or an act of friendship was in question.

NORGATE, 14 HENRIETTA STREET, COVENT GARDEN, LONDON, AND 20 SOUTH FREDERICK STREET, EDINBURGH. Pigot, who, besides being thoroughly acquainted with everything connected with the history, literature, and arts of Ireland, was also intimately acquainted with the special subjects of all O'Curry 's Lectures, having aided him in their preparation.

One of his last, if not his very last, act as Rector, was to hand me a cheque for three hundred pounds, in order that the printing of the first series of Lectures, those " On the Manuscript Materials of Irish History", might be commenced. Newman was not lost sight of by the Catholic Bishops, nor by Dr.

Newman, the first Rector, intended that all the lectures delivered by O'Curry should be published.

But although his own collec- tion of manuscripts, bought by the Catholic University, included copies of many of the principal poems and prose tales contained in the more important Irish vellum manuscripts, the task of going over, without any references, nearly the whole of the manuscript literature of Ireland in the Irish language in search of isolated passages, appeared so formidable an undertaking to Mr.

A SERIES OF LECTURES DELIVERED BY THE LATE EUGENE O'CURRY, M. EDITKP, WITH AN INTRODUCTION, APPENDIXES, ETC., BY W. The manuscript of the Lectures as written out for de- livery, contained no references to the pages of the Codices from which O'Curry drew his materials, and in pome instances the Codex itself was not even named ; and, with the excep- tion of some of the shorter ones given in the first ten or twelve Lectures, he had not copied out the Irish text of the pas- sages of which he gave translations.

On searching among the papers of O'Curry, I found only a rough draft of a translation of the fragment of the tract which he knew, evi- dently made for his own use when preparing his Lectures, and in which he consequently left many of the most important terms untranslated, so that it was almost unintelligible to any one else, and evidently not intended for publication.

I had originally intended to prefix to the first volume of the present series of Lectures a short introduction chiefly on the subject of the stone, bronze, andiron ages, that being a subject which came more or less within my own proper domain of science. Pigot, I was obliged to devote more attention to the general subject, the scope of my Introduction enlarged itself.

When, for this reason, the text is emended, the part so emended is enclosed in brackets.

The nature of the emendations I would suggest in other cases will be seen by comparing the passages quoted in his Lectures from the Crith Gablach, the Brudin Da Derga, the Tain Bo Chuailgne, and the Fair of Carman, with the corresponding passages in this Introduction and in the Appendix to the second volume of the Lectures.

In performing this task, I found that some of Professor O'Curry's translations were only free renderings of the original text, more or less paraphrased, but always sufficiently close and correct for the purposes for which they were used.

However anxious I might be to make some emendations in those trans- lations, such as he would have himself made if he had been spared to prepare his work for the press, I thought it due to O'Curry's memory to give his own words, except in one or two instances, where he gave rather an abstract than a translation.

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According to the original design, it should have included at least three other courses — on the internal arrangements and furniture of houses, on food and drink, and on the burial of the dead.