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But then in May of this year, photos of the two out on what looked like “dates” began to emerge, until they both came out with it—they were officially dating! It was reported that his farewell party was hosted by none other than Chopra at her Versova home.So, you can understand why the announcement came as such a shock to fans, as it was one of the quickest celebrity proposals! At the time, reports of Butler being thoroughly smitten by Chopra created waves in the country and abroad.And in and interview in 2012, Butler called her out again!He jokingly said, “I’m still single because I’m waiting for Priyanka Chopra.” The Scottish actor seems to be in love with Morgan Brown now, but his admiration for Chopra had fans hoping for a romance! She has worked with the who’s who of the Indian film industry.We are a private club of independent escorts with a high standard of excellence in all that we do. Each step of the verification process is encrypted using a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) to ensure that your private data never travels as plain text.

The rumors soon dwindled, and it looks like the couple moved on sooner than later. They were also spotted in various locations together.But when a proposal came her way, Chopra, just like her fans, was taken by surprise!Butler got down on one knee and everything for Chopra, but it was all in good humor.It became an ongoing joke between the two, as Butler would get down on one knee every half hour, only to make Chopra laugh out loud!She hilariously had no interest in being Gerard Butler’s wife.

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Chopra’s ex-manager revealed some inside news about the couple.

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