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See these links: Another thing that is important to note -- An application needs permissions in order to get its features to work.I have even developed some basic Android apps in the past for fun that required some of these permissions. It could be your spouse, your child, a parent, or a family friend.If you could speak with this person right now, would you prefer a phone conversation or an in-person one?Messenger App Examples: Notice that many of the permissions are the same, and the two apps request nearly identical permissions (with a few differences).After all, you are able to call people directly using the Facebook Messenger app which explains why it has a few differences from the regular Facebook app such as permission to directly call phone numbers.Well, Facebook has some pages in their Help Center to explain to users what the permissions are used for.

If anything, it will be using the cookies within your browser and the pages you've visited to give you "relevant" ads.

Here is a list of most of the "invasive" permissions listed above that the Facebook and Messenger App use along with other popular apps that use those same permissions: I think you get the point.

In my research, the app that surprised me the most was AVG Anti Virus Security.

Not only is that a burden, but Facebook asks for more permissions than the average app in order for you to be able to download the app and, let’s be honest, the permissions are a little frightening when you start looking into them.

So, should you be worried about your privacy if you download the Facebook Messenger App? What do the permissions actually mean and why does Facebook need them?

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Is Facebook the only app with these "invasive" permissions? I want to start with reacting to a video that I saw shared around social media a few years ago when I wrote this post.

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