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For instance, the many Oneida County and Utica histories that have been compiled for 150 years are the standard sources of local information, and they pay slavery only anecdotal attention.These accounts, taken from the earliest to the most recently written histories of Oneida County, are typical: Francis Dana ....A lot of her posts have the same bottom line: “Where do I go to meet a good single man?” Well, we’re here to answer that question for New Yorkers, like my friend, trying date in the city that never sleeps.(2) My initial hypothesis was that past discrimination rooted in slavery created the conditions that left so many Black Oneidans living in impoverished single-mother families.

So, of course, she moved to New York City the moment she turned 18.

(3) When (General William Floyd) removed from Long Island, he brought with him a considerable number of slaves of both sexes.

He was a kind and good master and provided everything for their comfort.

While slavery and its racist ideology seriously sabotaged the efforts of New York's black people to achieve economic prosperity, slavery did not undermine Oneida County's black families or their drive to participate in the larger society.

Published accounts provide very little information about local slavery, the documentary evidence is very thin, and the events themselves took place in so short a time period that they have been easily overlooked thereafter.

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