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Overall, the Dutch seem to be doing something right with the overwhelming majority reportedly being happy with their sex lives.The liberal laws and attitudes in The Netherlands have resulted in a large and flourishing adult industry.Though the results may well surprise some people, it is possibly because of the country’s liberal laws and attitudes that has created an environment where sex is pretty normal.It’s that old scenario that where something is taboo it gains mythic status.

You will probably have a lot better chance of getting laid in Amsterdam.

Even though the nightlife here isn’t known to be great you can still find a party at one of these singles bars and nightclubs: Sometimes we do a travel guide in our posts but there isn’t much more to say here.

The local currency is the Euro so that will be easy to figure out and you can find a map of the Randstad Rail Metro System at that link.

However, the Netherlands has long had a history of thriving sex industries; from historic figures like Madame Therese (one of Amsterdam’s most famous madams) and contemporary icons like Xavier Holland () to the new wave of professional porn studios and networks of amateur cam girls.

As legitimate businesses, brothels can provide plenty of profit for entrepreneurs with the most famous of these being Charles Geerts.

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