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Accommodating protest

To avoid discord, the anti-Park coalition set rules for decision making based on the lowest common denominator among participant organisations.

Its role was focused on providing political space for citizens of all walks of life to come and express their views freely.

The weekly candlelight protests were organised by Emergency Action for Park’s Resignation, a coalition of more than 1500 civic organisations.

In the past, large coalitions were often plagued by fierce infighting among competing political groups.

I don't call that polite, seeing that I have come back to live with you.

In June 1987, another mass mobilisation eventually forced the authoritarian rulers to concede democratic reforms.

Students, workers, civic organisations, and even opposition political parties and lawmakers took to the streets in protest of government policies.

Observing the pervasiveness of protest in South Korea in 2008, an Al Jazeera reporter came to the conclusion that ‘protest has become part of [South Korean] culture’.

A proposal for a candlelight vigil circulated among internet cafes after the news spread that the US soldiers responsible for the deaths of the Korean girls had been acquitted in the US court-martial.

Thousands gathered in Gwanghwamun Square to commemorate the victims.

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The advent of the candlelight protest signified important changes distinct from earlier protests.

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