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Unfortunately, dental plans are usually an afterthought to medical health care coverage because there's no legal obligation for a business of any size to provide the benefit. The Segal Group, however, cautions employers to not overlook the importance of providing some level of dental benefit.

Others indicate it has been surpassed by an egalitarian standard where men and women are judged similarly for engaging in similar behaviors and that some college students even use a reverse sexual double standard to judge men more harshly than women. One explanation is that contemporary college students tend to believe that the traditional double standard exists in society, but not in their own minds.In 2008, a survey from The Segal Group, a benefits and human resource consultancy with offices across the U. and Canada, reported that dental coverage was the third-most-utilized health care coverage. Here's a step-by-step guide to selecting and implementing a dental plan for your company. Expect that the most popular plans are fully-employer funded, partially-employer funded or fully-employee funded:• : Employees are responsible for 100 percent of the cost of the plan.How to Set Up A Dental Plan: Deciding What Plan is Best For your Company There are several questions you'll want to ask yourself and other decision-makers within your company to determine what type of plan is best for your staff: • What do I want my plan to look like? On the back end the employer often takes over administrative costs and payroll deductions.Over the past few years, there has been a steady flow of articles in magazines, newspapers and online news outlets examining what hookup culture on college campuses means for sexual norms and behaviors among young adults, particularly young women.Some writers suggest women who participate in hookup culture often feel like outsiders struggling to navigate a territory where young men set the terms of sexual activity.

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This suggests that the traditional double standard is still relevant, even if college students believe that it only exists outside of their own minds.

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